Guide: How to setup a multichannel outreach campaign?

According to the Online Marketing Study, it takes from 7 to 13 touches points to transform a prospect to a qualified sales lead.

That’s the reason why sending just one email, or making just one sales call is not sufficient.

The adage says money is in the follow up. But sending a 8 series of emails can become quite boring… and you can rapidly look like a sort of psycho… so there is another way.

If you want to skyrocket your response rate, and generate leads like a machine, use the multichannel strategy.

Why is it so efficient?

  • Multichannel outreach shows that you have done research for your prospect. He is not another line on your csv.
  • It improves the chances to be read. Your emails could fall in the spam box, or maybe your target is not using Linkedin very often.
  • Like we said above, it multiplies the touches point. In the different approaches that you will make, you’ll have the occasion to earn trust, to be seen like an expert, to show the social proof of your solution.

But multichannel outreach takes time. It takes hours of research. So you will reserve it to your top customers, big accounts, or those who will have the best lifetime value.

Which tools do I need ?

In this article, we will present you the easiest way to do multichannel outreach, without multiplying softwares and connecting them.

In the future we will write an article about more advanced techniques. 

Today, we will need Salespirates, a suite of tools that allows you to find leads and contact them in multiple channels.

We propose a 1 month free access to test the solution, no credit card needed.

You will also need to verify the email addresses.

Finally you’ll need Linkedin Sales Navigator, the Linkedin premium offer.

You also can access a free premium month if you haven’t already.

Generate a list of prospects

Go to Linkedin Sales Navigator, and make a search.

For my campaign, I’m looking for entrepreneurs in the marketing industry, they should be independent.

It returns me +2,5k results. Narrow the search by adding keywords like B2B, sales, or any other relevant to get 1k results. 

You can also walk around your results to see if they are relevant to your offer.

Play with the search options until you have a satisfying list under 1000 results.

More than 1k results, and it’s sure that it is not targeted enough. This will land you to a campaign with a poor response rate.

Scrap the results

Once you have your list ready, all you have to do is to extract these results to put them in google sheets.

Go to, and go to “Prospecting tools” and “Linkedin extract email”.

Download the extension and unzip it. Put the folder on your desktop.

Now in your Chrome browser, click on the menu => More tools => Extensions.

Activate the developer mode in the top right corner, and click on “load unpacked”.

If you are on windows, create an empty file on your desktop, and transfer the zip file content on it.

Search for your folder on your desktop, and select it.

Return to Linkedin, after reloading the page, you should have 2 buttons on the low left corner.

Click on “email extractor”. Create a list on Salespirates (manage your lists), and click on the button “Extract emails from this search”.

It will take a while, so don’t touch this tab until the job is done.

When it’s finished, don’t close the tab or save your search as you will need it again

Clean your list

On Salespirates, on “Prospecting Tools” => “My lists”, you can download your file.

It will be a file like that.

Some of these email addresses don’t work. You have to clean the file on

It will cost you 5$, and your campaign will have much more success.

Create an account, and drag and drop your csv file.

After a few minutes, it will propose you a file with additional rows. Select only safe to send emails and you have your list.

Another step to clean your list, is to check if there are no emojis, capital letters on names.

To do it fast, you can use the “proper” function.

For example, create a row at the right of “first_name”, and write =proper(c2)

You’ll have the first names correctly formatted.

I suggest you add rows with personalization fields. You even can add personalization sentences to make your message more… personal.

Do not hesitate to “proper” the company names, as usually on Linkedin people write unnecessary words on it.

So now you have your list ready.

Step 1 : Linkedin visit

You can start your campaign by just visiting your prospects’ profiles.

Return to your Linkedin search, and click on Salespirates “Auto Connect & visits”

Start by just visiting profiles. For this step, I suggest you have your Linkedin profile on point. You should write your value proposition on your bio sentence and explain how you can help your clients, focusing on value and benefits instead of features.

Visiting a profile has several advantages :

The person you visited is notified, and it pics his curiosity. You should have some visits returned after this first action.

Step 2 : Linkedin connect

The next day, you can send an invitation to connect.

For this, click on the other button “linkedin connect and visit”

Personalize your approach with the first name, and ask a question.

Linkedin connection sentence example:

“Hi {{firstname}},

I’ve seen that you were working in the {{xyz}} industry.

Thought it would be interesting to connect !

Joey – founder of salespirates

Helping you generate leads every day”

You see, this message is not salesy. It doesn’t have a commercial approach.

I’m just trying to make a connection because we work in the same field.

A little hack is to add your value proposition on your signature. It’s separated from your connexion demand and it makes it more natural.

Case 1 : the person accept your connexion

If the connexion is accepted, it’s fine. You can continue the conversation in your linkedin inbox. Try to start a relationship, focus on what value you can bring them.

Case 2 : the person doesn’t accept the connexion – Email sequence

If the connexion is not accepted 48 hours after the request, no panic, it is not lost.

Maybe your prospects don’t connect often to Linkedin, or  don’t have the time to answer. 

Don’t take it personally. 

For this next step, you should return to your csv file, and mark those who responded.

Then you can start adding those who didn’t to your email campaign.

Upload the csv correctly formatted, set up a sender, and you can write your 4 or 5 emails sequence.

Another article will be dedicated to the creation of an email campaign. But for now, the best advice that I could give you is to deliver value in each of your emails.

As always, try to build a relationship with your prospect. If you have written blog articles, if you recorder videos, it’s the moment to distribute them.

If you haven’t, you also can propose to help, give them feedback based on your expertise. 

The only goal of your outreach campaign is to get an appointment. The tricky thing is to obtain an appointment with a qualified prospect who understands what you offer and ideally needs it.

To get this result, the hard work is in the list building.

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