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Find your perfect customers. Extract all important informations. Connect with them.

Automate your outreach process.


Generate Targeted Lists

✔️ B2B search engine with more than 15M companies

✔️B2C Local business search engine, 550M companies

✔️ Geo, industry, and size filters

Enrich your Data

✔️ From a list of companies

✔️ From a list of websites

✔️ From first name, last name and company

✔️ Get emails, social medias, phone numbers, etc…

Automate and Scrap Linkedin

✔️ Extract data and emails from a search

✔️ Automate visits and connexions

✔️ Unlimited extraction and search

Send Cold Email Campaigns

✔️ Personnalized messages

✔️ Drip campaigns

✔️ Track results

Save time on research, save money on tools 🚀

✅ Easy Setup

In a few clicks, you can generate huge targeted lists of contacts, and reach them with personnalized messages.

✅ Reach who you need

Depending on your target, you’ll need different sources of data. There’s a lot of chances that with SalesPirates you will find it.

✅ Unlimited actions and data

Our formula is illimited. You can search, and send how many email you need. And test everything until you find the right market for you.

✅ A mix of the best tools

We took the best features of the best growth tools to offer you an unlimited experience. With just one subscription.

You will love it 💕

Search and find data like emails, phone numbers, social medias, websites, employees etc… from : 


B2B Companies

B2C Companies

Linkedin Users

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Is the data accurate ?

The data is extracted in real time. That means that you have fresh data.

Sometimes, you can have some false emails. But it’s the same with any other solutions.

Comparatively, we are in the top data providers in the market.

Is it secure ?

All transactions are secured and crypted by SSL certificate. 

We use Stripe that allow us a maximum security. 

How can I contact support ?

On the platform, you can contact the support by online chat. Usually there is someone online 24/7.

If not, just send an email on

Can I have an invoice

Sure ! You can download an invoice on the platform. Just click on “My account”, and “Invoices”.

Is it really unlimited ?

Yes, it is.

Even the data scraped on Linkedin is unlimited. This means that you could build a 20K contacts list in one day.

Can I work with my team ?

You can invite your teammates and work in the same account… with just one subscription !